It seems that the Typical Dad is having trouble doing fifty things at once.  Trying to get the site all cleaned up and really going takes time.  Work takes time.  Being a father takes time.  Being a husband takes time.  I enjoy all of those things (well not always the work thing), but it doesn't leave a tremendous amount of time for writing posts. 

G and I have started doing "experiments." My sister-in-law gave G a homemade kit of science experiments for Christmas.  The Typical Dad is not as stupid as the average TV Dad.  You don't do the Mentos in Diet Soda trick in the kitchen.  5 seconds of fun and 2 hours of work cleaning is not the kind of teaching moment that we are looking for here.  l intended to start these activities in Spring, but snow in MarchSNOW IN APRIL, Biblical rains, and a bit of procrastination led to June.  I had to make him do it, but G is now asking for "experiments" every day.  Most of these experiments are simple examples of oil being heavier than water or use a chemical reaction to release air that will either cause a foam or in the case of the Mentos a near explosion of the most tooth-decaying concoction known to man.   

I was pretty underwhelmed by our Diet Cola Volcano, but G thought it was Awesome.  I made videos of the events and you can tell right from the start that he is "all in".  Now, every day I come home and it is "daddy, can we do some experiments", not "Hi Daddy, I Love you."  or even "Hi".  It's just right to the experiments.  I even get asked to do it before I get "Daddy, can we play Mario."  It's really cool that he wants to do something a little more educational, but the coolest part is that he wants to do his experiments only with The Typical Dad. Not Mommy, not anyone else.  Only me. 

You have to understand that for the first 4 or so years of his life, G, loved Mommy best.  The Typical Dad was pretty cool if Mommy wasn't there, but if she was, I was clearly Robin to her Batman.  Now, that I'm actually preferred at times, I take a little extra joy out of it.  It's great, that is until butt-wiping time.  Then being Robin starts to sound pretty good. 

Soon we will need more experiments as the Christmas book is running out.  My Sister-in-law found the majority of the experiments at www.ICanTeachMyChild.com.  Until then, G and I will continue to experiment. 

The Typical Dad