Father's Day

I know Father's Day was TWO days ago.  A real Blogger would have posted about Father's Day, you know, on Father's Day.  Well in my defense TypicalDad.com didn't even exist (except in the Typical Dad's tiny little brain) until yesterday.  Anyway, it was a great day..

First of all, I GOT TO SLEEP IN.  I slept until like 10 AM.  I felt like a whole new man.  I could think.  I could move.  I'm not quite old enough to have the stiff body from sleeping too long thing.  It was AWESOME.  And after that, they still gave me presents.  Don't tell my family, but the sleep may have been enough.  

There were presents as well.  My favorites were my new Nerf Gun  and Mario Party 9.  These are wonderful presents for me and G to use together.  Needless to say a Nerf Gun War immediately broke out.  I'm lucky, it's always Typical Dad and G vs. Mommy.  The battle was fast and furious, and fortunately there was no crying involved.  When it all was finished we declared a truce, but we all know that Typical Dad and G were victorious.

All of this activity made the Typical Dad hungry.  I was in the mood for Indian food (it is my day so I make the rules) .  Off to the other side of Kansas City we go.  I've been meaning to go to my friend Kashif's restaurant Chai Shai for some time.  The food was delicious.  G went crazy with my phone, so we left with full bellies and some 'beautiful' pictures as well.

Off to do a little shopping.  The Typical Dad has been looking for some cool Chuck Taylor's, but couldn't find any that I wanted.  It didn't help that the two guys 'working' at the store were busy socializing and not helping me part with my hard earned money.  We ended up spending more time waiting for Mommy than shopping, but that describes most shopping trips.

Back home and the King for a Day was ready for a nap.  Hey, I had been awake for about 5 hours.  Who wouldn't need a nap?  After a little rest time for a Mario Party.  Then a walk.  G has an awesome little quad that Mommy bought him.  Now he can terrorize the mean sidewalks of suburban Kansas City.  I didn't get to talk to my dad much as he and mom are enjoying the 2013 Trike Talk Rally in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Have fun Dad.  I love you.  Be safe and I will see you soon.  After such a full day the Typical Dad slept really well.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of the wonderful dads out there.

The Typical Dad