Open for Business

I’ve done it.  The Typical Dad has it figured out.  Using Zazzle, I am going to become a bagillionaire and take over the world by… wait for it…. SELLING T-SHIRTS.  Yes, the Typical Dad now has a store

I am using for this service.  Zazzle allows you to upload your design.  When a customer orders the design, it is printed on demand and shipped.  This allows people like me to have a “store” to sell designs without having to maintain stock, potentially ordering large amounts of merchandise that may never sell.  As a seller on Zazzle, I make a percentage of the price that I am allowed to set.  My standard commission is 15%. 

This store is primarily an outlet for me to learn more about graphic design.  I will only use this store to promote family friendly designs.  I particularly am interested in designs that promote fatherhood and positive male images.  So how does a Caramel Princess T-Shirt fit into this store?  My wife is a caramel princess, and I have always promised her this shirt.  So Honey, here it is.